An Almost Daily Journal
by Bianca Smith

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just some silly crap at 9am...

I think I'm finally finding my natural rhythm here, now. I think, no matter where you move, for the first few weeks - it takes a while until you find your favorite place to sit, and favorite thing to do during lazy days, etc. Now that I have everything in it's place - the internet is turned on, the cable is up, all the books are in their shelves, and my graveyard of half empty (or full, depending on my mood) bath and beauty products are in their proper cemetery... I think I'm finally feeling at home.

...There's a horn outside that has been continuously honking - one long, perpetual hoooooooonk, and has been hooooooonking for over the past 5 minutes now, at least. Maybe someone died, and konked out with their forehead pressed against the steering wheel, causing the loudest cry for help ever heard at 9am. My imagination never fails to fill in the unexplained; he's a middle-aged regional manager for Taco Bell, who's just been fired and comes home every day to a menopausal wife who never comes within 3 feet of him due to his lack in ability to scrub out the smell of beans and seasoned grade F meat. He's been fired for 3 days now, and instead of pretending to drive off to work yet again, he's finally decided to "do himself in". He didn't shoot himself, but sadly... swallowed a taco shell large enough cut one's insides to a bloody pulp if it weren't chewed properly. And that's exactly what he did. So now, his forehead is pressed against the steering wheel screaming in a streaming, continuous "hoooooooonk".

Oh the honking stopped.

I'm sure no one really died but it was fun to make up and write. Kinda cliche' though.

Okay I'm of to do my voice-over. I have V.O. work to do today at Liquid Theory....

"V.O., V.O., it's off to work I go...." haha... okay I'm silly, bye.


man said...

Well, glad to hear you are adapting ... It's true, it takes time ... Liked your imagined story, you really have a creative imagination !! Voice-over, that's interesting, I had never met someone that did that, wow, that's great !!

Chatterbox said...

Glad to see you back on here. I liked the story, too - I've actually often thought of death by taco, though not suicide by taco, which takes a truly devious and twisted mind ;). Anyway, that's why I go with the soft taco.