An Almost Daily Journal
by Bianca Smith

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seriously Amazing

I'd added this site to my "external links" section, but it really just needs it's own post because you've got to check it out.

It's called "The Hyde Tube", and it's a collection of a hundred or so short films, which are mostly animated, and about 1 minute long each.

I wish I could just post some of my favorites here, but there isn't an option to post them individually.  :(

They're thought provoking, simple, silly, dark, funny - each one is completely unique and just plain awesome.  I know I sound like a commercial at this point, but...  just go see for your self... you won't be disappointed.


Gabriel said...

thank you for sharing :-)
i didnt know the hydetube
Some of those videos are superb :-P


Robert said...

this IS too cool...thanks Bianca!

Bianca Smith said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it! :)

Gabriel said...

happy birthday Bianca.

hope you had a beautiful day