An Almost Daily Journal
by Bianca Smith

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Art Projects

I haven't written in a while...  

I finally have the opportunity to write!  I've been having computer difficulties lately, so it's tough for me to get to a keyboard.

I was able to get around to editing the blog called, "The Second Half of a Long Moment" (which is down below a couple posts)  It was a mess!  If you've already read it, then you saw the sloppiness in my grammar, and typos, etc.  

I've been into new art projects lately.  It was the blog called, "Geometrics" that spawned this new streak.  (also down below on the page) I'm a good observational artist, and can draw what I see pretty well - also painting odd scenes to get across some kind of commentary is something I do alot - but I got into geometric designs again.  I used to draw them with a nearly obsessive curiosity as a teenager, but somehow I forgot about it, or grew bored of it.  

I was in a design class in art school a couple years ago - the final project was to create a Mandala.  It was the first time since I was a teenager that I'd created a geometric design.  Although this time, as an adult, I made the design into a working cosmogram, and with the placement of symbolic imagery, I created a functional graph.  

The Teachings

As for the streak I've been on - I've started a geometry journal, and a sketch pad to explore the beauty of sacred geometry.  I'm seeking now to gain a true understanding of the essence of the "God Mind" as it is often referred to as;  it's the implication that all things in nature arise during creation with a predetermined pattern through which matter assumes form.  Flowers, the rings of a tree stump, sea shells, crystals, snowflakes, and even the human form, all fall within the basic fundamental structural guidelines of a few simple geometric forms.  

Expounding on the organic structures of nature, color and tone can be also be applied.  I'm still learning the intricacies of this teaching.  It's complex, but basically geometric forms also resonate harmonic tones.  Steve Wilner of Labyrinth of The Psychonaut suggests that things like flowers and crystals may take on their shape because they might be responding to a sound in nature.

Tone-Color Consciousness

(Now if I've got it right, here) While organic materials resonate tones, tones are said to correspond to the 12 colors of the light spectrum.  In other-words, harmonic tones house relative and corresponding colors.  

So, geometric forms have music and color!  And what is the nature of reality?  Visually, we see geometric forms.  We hear all sorts of sounds, as the world buzzes with life, and within our visual perception, color is splashed over the entire canvas.  Violla!

Here's something I'm working on right now - I still have to add color, and fill in some other things... It's not done... It's based on The Flower of Life, and Metatron's Cube.


(The photo quality isn't very good, but I'll post again when I'm finished.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just crazy but every once in a while it seems like I can smell certain photos and images.(it usually happens on people's myspace pages) I wonder what that's all about.

Bianca Smith said...

I saw a show on the science channel about a group of people who had that ability. Certain words would draw up the imagery as well as a smell. That is really interesting... it's combined senses, right?

Blake said...

Wow. Maybe I'm not crazy then. I googled combined senses and found some information on it on the Science channel's website.

Apparently it is referred to as synesthesia and there is an association dedicated to it.

Rapper Pharrell Williams is a synesthete. Another synesthete by the name of David Hockney will have his work exhibited on Venice Blvd on Thursday. You should check out his painting "Bigger Trees Near Water".

Great post by the way.

Luminari said...

Funny you sent me to this page.. I briefly studied the phenomena of Synethesia and note it as having connected/combined senses as well. "Hearing colors and seeing sounds" type of deal...Didn't know you could smell pix as well! Awesome! As more and more people are reported to experience this, it makes me believe this may be the next leap in human evolution....