An Almost Daily Journal
by Bianca Smith

Friday, July 3, 2009

Starry Lake Music Video

I've been working on a new project as of the past two weeks - I'm writing (and will be directing and editing) a music video for my brother Blaise's song, "Starry Lake". I've just finished the first draft of the script and shot list, and with the collaborative help of my friends and family, the production of the video should come off nicely, as we're all very excited to begin working after things move out of development stages.

Blaise will be recording a new version of the song, with high-energy dynamics to be used for the music video, and he'll be starting the new edit very soon.

The video will be an abstract, visual recounting of Blaise's experience at Pyramid Lake, where he wrote the song "Starry Lake". The experience is the source from which the song's inspiration stems from.

The song "Starry Lake" can be found playing on my myspace profile, as well as Blaise's myspace page, found here: Blaise Smith's Myspace Page

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man said...

Look forward to see your video !!