An Almost Daily Journal
by Bianca Smith

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Art

Strange that I made these pieces a few years ago...

I depicted him as a Saint, with some obvious humor attached to the image. It was part of a series in which I turned celebrities into saints, with the commentary being that the western world seems to worship, and glorify these household names, holding them higher than is healthy for a society to be able to ingest.

I guess I feel kind of bad about it now.

Here's another one I made within that same period of time, some four years ago or so... (this one wasn't part of the celebrity worship series)


Mahal Kita said...

you can sell these they are amazing

Mesmer7 said...

I don't see why you should feel bad about it. Your comment wasn't specifically aimed at MJ; it was aimed at the news media. And I think the news media should be taken to task for shoving down our throats all the useless trivia about celebrities and not spending more time reporting things that really effect our lives.