An Almost Daily Journal
by Bianca Smith

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i no write so good

I'm frustrated. I'm trying to finish this piece of writing I wrote a while back, maybe 5 months or so ago... But for some reason, I can't get through it.

It's about Life Extension and Spiritual Evolution. As far as Life Extension is concerned, I'm not making arguments for or against it but, just exploring the subject from a spiritual stand point.

I'm trying to arrange it into a proper essay, but I'm just not computing right now.

Here's a wikipedia page for Life Extension:


Blake said...

maybe Life Extension will lead to the elimination of the body.....that would be ironic

Gabriel said...

this is a kind of anxiety about writing, every writer knows the frustration of sitting down with paper and pen and feeling incapable of producing any words at all.
Don't be frustrated!!!A lot of great italian writers like DAnte or Boccaccio had trouble writing.
Apprehension about writing is a common condition. Failures of various kinds are an inevitable part of the writing process. Without them, it would be difficult if not impossible to grow as a writer. Use your failures to keep moving.
You write good otherwise i wasnt your reader ;-)
You can guess how much i am frustrated when i have to write, above all when i have to write in english cause my first language is italian.

I am going to read the link about Life Extension.

have a great weekend

p.s ...even if i am not english, your way of writing is clear and full of interesting arguments.

man said...

Life extension from an spiritual point of view? Wow !! So when we die what happens to all our molecules and their history? I would say they and their energy keep living that story, and who knows, maybe we will just reappear in another physical dimension with the same body 'created' by those molecules. So be careful where you ask yor ashes to be dispersed :)

PJB said...

Our days are numbered. WE need only discern the nature of the activities to accomplish in order to fulfill our purpose.
You extend life and you get more time to suffer through what you don't already understand or can use.
Well-being is not just about comfort.

Bianca Smith said...

The blog is up now. It's in my "Other Blogs" section, so take a look if you like...


Bianca Smith said...

Forget it I took it down. Not sure how I feel about it. Too many words.

Bianca Smith said...

Okay I put it back up. Sorry guys, I'm back and forth.

I'm just not sure about the way I wrote it.

It's redundant, and really just dry.

It's up again in the "other blogs" section.


man said...

I didn't find it dry or redundant, I found it interesting, well written, and leading to more conversation !