An Almost Daily Journal
by Bianca Smith

Thursday, July 16, 2009

sprucin' up my blog

I was just sprucin' up my blogspot, here. As you can see, I've made three separate blog rolls, one for the entries I think are interesting... (most of them on Metaphysical Subjects)

The second blog roll "About the Day Itself" is for entries like this one.. just updates and rants with no particular point to be made.

The third, "Writing Just to Write" are entries that are actually pretty boring, as they were obviously written while I was bored, with nothing really to talk about. Reading them are really a waste of time if you ask me. Sometimes I forget that I should actually be talking about something when I post things - but now those entries actually have a place of their own.

Why do I "blog" anyway? There aren't any booby pictures here so, my hits are much lower than say, my myspace page. It's just fun, I suppose. I like writing. And it's not about the hits anyway. It's about ranting, lollygagging, idealizing, and whatever else seems to be going on with me at the time - and's fun.


man said...

I like your rearrangement !! Will read some of the interesting ones, and maybe some of the others ... :)

Mahal Kita said...

yeah blogging can be just a way to let thoughts out