An Almost Daily Journal
by Bianca Smith

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I had a fun Memorial Day weekend.  I went down to Hermosa Beach... my place of birth, and most favorite beach to sun-soak.  As I've always said, Hermosa Beach is like walking into a Sublime song, although Memorial Day weekend isn't exactly that... there are hundreds of people bumping into each other, and arts and crafts booths, and beer gardens, and people with sun block on their noses. 

like this...

(I didn't take that photo though)

Speaking of beach-fun, here's a photo of me making a funny face after riding my boogie board up to the sand... 

(last year @ Hermosa)

I've caught bigger waves, I swear.   :P

I started a new painting last week...  I'm pretty much done, and I'll post a photo of it when within the next few days.   My Auntie Nini sent me something on facebook asking why I haven't been painting lately... so Auntie Nini... it's coming soon.  :)

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Gabriel said...

Hermosa Beach is absolutely fabulous..i am just looking for some pictures on google...did you really catch the waves?i can see the swimming arm bands next to :P